The 9 Principles of Leaning

Principles of leaning (#leaning):

  1. Leaning is to be enjoyed. Either on your own or in a group situation.
  2. Good leaning is keeping both feet together (if you have two). Feet apart is like having your feet apart in diving.
  3. More acceptable leaning is placing both hands on the object you are leaning on. One is acceptable but demonstrates a lack of commitment to the lean.
  4. You can keep your bodyline straight or bent, head up or down, really depends on your preference. Express yourself.
  5. You can lean facing the object you are leaning on or if you prefer you can sideways lean. Just keep those feet and legs together.
  6. Purists like to get their feet as far away from the object they are leaning on and achieve a shallower angle.
  7. The less movement whilst leaning the better.
  8. Injuries and dizziness can happen so be careful. Know when to complete the lean and stop.
  9. Leaning is open to development always so don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different unexpected locations to enhance the leaning experience.

These are not ‘rules’, rather principles to respect & honour when leaning.

Be sure to hash tag your leaning attempts on Twitter as #leaning

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